Sweetrock Farm Swiss Bakery makes artisan bread and pastries from traditional Swiss recipes.   We bake fresh daily for farmers markets, stores, and CSAs.


Our farmhouse storefront, SATURDAYS, 12 - 4 pm, 11180 NW Old Cornelius Pass Road

Custom orders are easy -- Tuesday through Saturday. (sweetrockfarm@gmail.com

Also ask us about our bread CSA, Breadbucks!


FLOUR: We only buy our flours from Bob's Red Mill and Shepherd's Grain, a no-till sustainable co-op of wheat and grain growers in Washington. 

WATER: Coming from deep within rocky soil, our water is cold and delicious. 

YEAST: We make our own wild levain in batches for our breads. 

EGGS: Our eggs come from our flock of about 40 Buff Orpingtons who are grass pastured on Sweetrock Farm. 

MILK:  Pasteurized but not homogenized, the milk is fresh, creamy and the cows enjoy grass pastures with grown with organic-style practices

FRUIT, HERBS and other ingredients are sourced locally when possible. 

11180 NW Old Cornelius Pass Road, Portland, OR 97231        


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