Sweetrock Farm Swiss Bakery makes artisan bread and pastries from traditional Swiss recipes.   We bake fresh daily for farmers markets, stores, and CSAs.

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to renovate the old schoolhouse on NW Phillips in the heart of Helvetia, Oregon.  The school taught the children of Swiss pioneers and their descendants, and deserves to be restored to its former charm and find new uses.  

We plan to put in a cafe/bakery upstairs, which will also serve as a community meeting hall, indoor farmers market, and local sourcing of agricultural resources.  

Sweetrock Farm Swiss Bakery is already baking in the basement, and we need to fix up that too to expand our baking capacity and be able to provide daily bread and Swiss pastries to the neighborhood.Located next to the Rock Creek Tavern, the old schoolhouse on Phillips Road and Old Cornelius Pass is a beautiful building built in 1907.  A two room school, it was closed in 1949 and has been barely used since.  We can make it full of life again..with your help.  


19189 NW Phillips, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Sunday          Orenco (NE Cornell, New Seasons parking lot), 10-2
Sunday          Woodstock, SE Portland, 10-2
Wednesday    Forest Grove, 4 - 8 pm
Thursday       North Plains, 5 - 8 pm

Custom orders are easy -- Tuesday through Saturday. (sweetrockfarm@gmail.com

Also ask us about our bread CSA, Breadbucks!


FLOUR: We only buy our flours from Bob's Red Mill and Shepherd's Grain, a no-till sustainable co-op of wheat and grain growers in Washington

WATER: Coming from deep within rocky soil, our water is cold and delicious. 

YEAST: We make our own wild levain in batches for our breads. 

MILK:  It comes from a local dairy that is also Swiss-owned, the Schoch Dairy.  Pasteurized but not homogenized, the milk is fresh, creamy and the cows enjoy grass pastures with grown with organic-style practices

FRUIT, HERBS and other ingredients are sourced locally when possible.     

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